The Hero Chronicles With K9s For Warriors


Hero here checking in. I recently got a new trainer named Kelsey and we have been spending the last couple weeks getting to know each other. Getting to work with new people helps me to get ready for my battle buddy!  She has been taking me to this big yard with lots of space to run. She even throws a frisbee for me and I love chasing it. We have been working on my skills too. My trainer likes to take me for walks when the weather is nice to work on my leash walking skills. Whenever I look up at her she praises me and feeds me lots of yummy jerky treats. I am so good at sitting immediately after she stops walking and she will give me pets on the head. Some of my favorite things this week have been when my trainer gives me a bone painted with peanut butter after a session so I can relax in my kennel. I also love getting to play with my bestest dog friend, Jersey. We almost look like brothers and love to chase each other all around the yard. I’ll make sure to check in with you guys in the next couple of weeks to update you on my latest HEROic adventures!



Hiya, how you doin? The excitement continues at Camp K9 and I finally was able to get to visit downtown St. Augustine! We went to this big fort and also walked around a museum. I saw this super cool, HUGE water bowl! I was really interested in checking it out, but Ms. Chelsea, my trainer, told me I can look but not touch. ☹ She said it was a fountain with a statue on top of it.  I really wanted to jump in, but I listened well, and we continued exploring the town. We have been to a few shopping malls this past week too, which aren’t as exciting, but they are places where I get to do my superhero moves. Ms. Chelsea likes to have me hold my position and she gets really excited when I have control for a long time.  I get snacks when holding my hero poses and positions, so it’s pretty fun for me too!  We have been working in a lot of different environments to help my impulse control around new sights, and also on the correct position when I walk on leash. Chelsea says the more I stay with her, the more we can explore. Speaking of exciting, Chelsea is spoiling me with a bunch of new toys like ropes and balls, which I love almost as much as exploring.  I can’t wait to explore more while working hard becoming the perfect Hero for my future Warrior.


Hiya, Hero here again swooping in to say Hi. I have been having so much fun exploring exciting places with Ms. Chelsea like this park that had awesome things such as a skate park, turf field, tennis court, sand volleyball court, and a splash pad for the little humans. We have also been going to these shopping places a lot which are fun too.  There are a lot of different sights and smells that try to pull my attention away from my trainer, but I am doing great and keeping my focus.  I am eager to keep exploring and keep up with my awesome superhero skills everywhere we go. Speaking of, we haven’t gone to Saint Augustine yet, which a really historic city near Camp K9 that has old buildings and forts along the water. Going to new and unique places helps me with my public service training so my warrior will be able to take me anywhere!  My trainer keeps telling me I am going to love it, so I’m looking forward to that trip. But will I love it more than I love my rope toy,  playing fetch or saving the day?  I’ll keep you posted.   Tell all my fans at OceanFirst that I said Hi! 😉


Hey, it’s Hero here! I have been doing a lot of work with my super trainer, Mr. Malique, along with his sidekick trainer, Chelsea. He calls her his mentee, but when we speak superhero talk, I know what sidekicks are…like Batman & Robin!😉 We have been going lots of places working on my public access exposures and working my skills in more complicated settings. My handler transferability is going well. I am still learning how to control my excitement and eagerness better, but I’m getting better each day! I got to go to Target with Miss Chelsea and we had a wonderful settling session. We calmly sat near the shoes and talked about if I wore shoes, would they go on my rear paws or all four paws. It’s a real head scratcher! What do you think?  I can’t wait to see where we go next. Mr. Malique has talked about a skate park and a trip down to St. Augustine. He said there are a lot of distractions there, but he thinks I can handle it!  A hero’s job is never done, especially when I’m preparing for my battle buddy.  I’ll keep you posted!


It’s a puppy, it’s a kitten!  No, it’s Super Doggo!! Hey guys, Hero here and oh gosh, I have some updates. I have been having a very productive 2 weeks in training! My Trainer, Mr. Malique and I are still putting in a lot of work on my excitability and settling. I still have a lot of super doggo energy and we are working to channel that with multiple, longer training sessions. We are still having fun in our sessions but we’re stretching it out a bit more. Mr. Malique says it’s all about balance. We’ve been working off campus, too. I went for my hero’s patrol of the park. We really tested my impulse control with all the ducks and other dogs, but a great Hero must be able to maintain composure and protect all beings! I am looking forward to my next future adventures with the K9’s training team and preparing me to be a real Hero for my warrior! I’ll send another update soon!                                                                


Hey guys! Hero here and I’m ready to save the day with a smile! I am putting in so much work here at Camp K9s. My trainer, Mr. Malique and I are working very hard on my impulse control and walking skills. I just want to give everyone kisses and play when we are on the walks to the yards! We have been taking puppy steps and we have been making lots of progress. My service dog cues are coming along well! We’ve been making “touch” a game and it’s a pretty fun game to play. I can’t wait to see what else my trainer has in store for me and I look forward to sharing it with you. Talk to you soon!