Leadership Team


Christopher D. Maher, Chairman

Katherine B. Durante, Executive Director

Michael J. Fitzpatrick, Treasurer

Steven J. Tsimbinos, Counsel

Board of Directors

James M. Bollerman

Angelo J. Catania

Anthony R. Coscia, Esq.

Michael D. Devlin

Jack M. Farris


John R. Garbarino

Kimberly M. Guadagno, Esq.

Joseph Kyrillos

Judith Leone

William D. Moss

Joseph M. Murphy, Jr.

John K. Lloyd

Donald E. McLaughlin

Dr. Robert A. Previti

Diane F. Rhine


Grace C. Torres

Grace M. Vallacchi

John E. Walsh

David C. Wintrode

David W. Wolfe

Samuel R. Young

Robin Zager

Information for Grantseekers

If you or your organization is seeking a grant, you’ll want to determine if your project fits within our four core priority areas: Health and Wellness, Housing, Improving Quality of Life, and Youth Development and Education. Give us a call to chat about your ideas and we’ll guide you in the right direction. Learn More