Our Mission

We empower nonprofits to think bigger, solve more problems, and make life better in the neighborhoods served by OceanFirst Bank.

Our greatest successes and most meaningful impact is realized when we partner with local community organizations and schools to provide the resources and expertise to help put great ideas into action. Our work is primarily focused on Health & Wellness, Housing, Improving the Quality of Life, Youth Development, and Education. If your nonprofit is making an impact and needs support, we’d love to hear from you.

We invest in the success of organizations that serve our neighbors. We focus on:

• Enriching Arts & Cultural opportunities
• Supporting Higher Education for local students
• Improving Health & Wellness for vulnerable populations
• Creating and sustaining safe and affordable Housing
• Preserving and Improving Quality of Life
• Investing in Youth Development & Schools


Information for Grantseekers

If your organization is seeking a grant, you’ll want to determine if your project fits within our four core priority areas: Health and Wellness, Housing, Improving Quality of Life, and Youth Development and Education. Give us a call to chat about your ideas and we’ll guide you in the right direction.

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