Our Priorities

Health and Wellness

The Foundation addresses both the health of individuals and local communities by supporting nonprofit medical facilities and related services that provide essential care. OceanFirst Foundation also supports programs and projects that improve access to services, especially for vulnerable populations and the underserved.


OceanFirst Foundation supports programs that help to create and sustain affordable housing, meet the housing needs of special populations, and provides support for emergency shelters. The Foundation also supports transitional housing and services that prevent homelessness and increase self-sufficiency.

Improving Quality of Life

Preserving and improving the quality of life for residents remains a top priority of the Foundation. OceanFirst Foundation supports a range of programs that meet the basic needs of families and individuals including food banks, senior services and behavioral health counseling; arts and cultural programs including live theater, music, and museums; as well as programs that preserve and protect our environment.

Youth Development and Education

A major focus of OceanFirst Foundation is to support programs that enrich and improve life options for young people including scholarships for higher education, work skills development, and mentoring; those that provide safe, affordable, supportive places to grow and learn; and programs that improve the health and well being of children.

Information for Grantseekers

If you or your organization is seeking a grant, you’ll want to determine if your project fits within our four core priority areas: Health and Wellness, Housing, Improving Quality of Life, and Youth Development and Education. Give us a call to chat about your ideas and we’ll guide you in the right direction.

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